“The resurrection is God’s way of revealing to us that nothing that belongs to God will ever go to waste. What belongs to God will never get lost.”

“There are days when I am convinced that Heaven starts already, now, in this ordinary life, just as it is, in all its incompleteness, yet, this is where Heaven starts. See within yourself, if you can find it. I walked through the field in front of the house, lots of swallows flying, everywhere! Some very near me. It was magical. We are already one, yet we know it not.”
~Thomas Merton (via crashinglybeautiful)
A View towards the Old Town and the Southern part of Stockholm city taken in 1900 by Carl Curman.

Prayer For Stillness

Dear God

 Speak gently in my silence
When the loud outer noises
of my surroundings
and the loud inner noises
of my fears
keep pulling me away from you.

Help me to trust
that you are still there
even when I am unable
 to hear you.

" Come to me,
all you who are 
and I will give you rest
For I am gentle 
and humble of heart.”

Let that 
loving voice
be my guide


 Henri Nouwen

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“We love or hate our enemies to the same degree that we love or hate ourselves. In the image of the enemy, we will find the mirror in which we may see our own face most clearly.”
“A story is told about a bishop and an old woman who claimed that when she prayed to God, God spoke back. Now the bishop had devoted his whole life to the study of God, and he was sure that if God spoke to anyone, it would not be to such as she. But she insisted. “It’s true. God speaks to me.” “Prove it!” said the bishop. Arrogant. Almost angry. “Ask God what are my greatest private sins. If you return knowing these then I will believe that God speaks to you.” The woman agreed to do so and they parted. The following day she returned and the bishop greeted her with a smirk. “Well, did you ask God what are my most secret sins?” “Yes,” she replied. And the look on her face was so intense, so knowing that the bishop hesitated but asked it anyway “And what did God say?” “God said….” The old woman spoke softly but with assurance. “God said … he couldn’t remember them.””
“Jesus Christ is tender without being weak, strong without being coarse, lowly without being servile. He has conviction without intolerance, enthusiasm without fanaticism, holiness without Pharisaism, passion without prejudice. This man alone never made a false step, never struck a jarring note. His life alone moved on those high levels where local limitations are transcended and the absolute Law of Moral Beauty prevails. It was life at its Highest.”
“One day I will say the gift I once had has been taken. The place I have made for myself belongs to another. The words I have sung are being sung by the ones I would want. Then I will be ready for that voice and the still silence in which it arrives. And if my faith is good then we’ll meet again on the road, and we’ll be thirsty, and stop and laugh and drink together again from the deep well of things as they are.”